We first and foremost believe that the primary focus of any Church should be to worship God the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ. The second purpose is to equip the Saints through scripture to be able to walk through this world as aliens as we hold fast to the promise and hope of our calling. The scripture is the true inspired word of God without error. Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God.

We do not focus on man-made denominations, but on the truth that there is one faith, one GOD, and one Spirit that gives revelation to those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness. Christ is the head and ultimate authority of the Church and we follow his leadership in glorifying the Father. We strive to be molded into instruments that God can use to draw others to himself. We are not perfect but our heart’s desire is to be perfected. The belief in Jesus Christ we have must lead to discipleship which in turn leads to being taught by God. The scripture tells us that those taught by God come to the saving knowledge that allows us to receive the Holy Spirit. Through the new birth experience, we are brought to a Godly sorrow that leads to repentance to glorify God.